Molly’s Shannon’s “Saturday Night Live” Skits

There’s a new Jonas Brother in the band, and she happens to be a 50-year-old woman. Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Molly Shannon returned to host the April 8 episode of the long-running sketch series, and she brought a Couple of her classic characters back for the outing, including Sally O’Malley. In one of the night’s best sketches, Sally became the Jonas Brothers’s (who were on hand as the night’s musical guests) new choreographer.

Shannon first introduced the character to the show 25 years ago, but the 50-year-old Sally hasn’t aged a day. In the sketch, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas want to bring a more mature element to their Vegas residency which leads to them inviting Sally to show them her moves. After hiking up her tights as far as they can possibly go, the dancer obliges by showing off her kick and stretch combo.

When the band’s original choreographers (played by Bowen Yang and Chloe Fineman) object, Sally reminds them of just how long she’s been in the business. “Honey, I’ve been 50 since before you were born,” she tells Yang.

Later in the sketch, Nick can’t keep up with her choreography, which leads the other guys to ditch their brother in favor of Sally. The wonderfully silly sketch wasn’t the only one to make use of the Jonas Brothers’s comedic talents. Joe also popped up in a “The Play,” a skit about woman who puts on a stage play based on her sexual history. The band also performed two songs from their new record “The Album,” the boppy “Waffle House” and the emotional ballad “Walls.”

Elsewhere, Shannon’s musical monologue included a guest appearance by former “SNL” member and current “Only Murders in the Building” star Martin Short. He popped up during “The Other Two” actor’s song about how everything will eventually come up roses to reveal he had run out of Ozempic before scarfing down a hamburger.

Check out the gallery ahead to see all of Shannon’s sketches, including the return of Sally, as well as the Jonas Brothers’s performances.

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