Mark Consuelos’ Daughter Lola Doesn’t Love His Riverdale Fame

“This week has also been really, really fun,” Mark told Jess Cagle, “but there’s an also an added layer of like, ‘Oh, this is real. This is for real now and this is what you’re doing.’ So I wouldn’t say pressure, but just like, a different energy, a different weight to it going into it.”

He continued, “My strategy, once I started feeling that way, was like, ‘Listen, I can’t do tomorrow’s show now. I can’t do yesterday’s show over again. I have to be in the moment in this show right now. If it’s great, great. If it’s not so great, we’ll try better next time.”

In addition to Lola, Mark and Kelly are also parents to son Joaquin Consuelos, 20. See photos of the family’s cutest moments together over the years:

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