Teenage country music singer-songwriter Madelyn Rose releases her second single, “Won’t Be Me,” via Vere Music.

Talking about the song, Madelyn shares, “‘Won’t Be Me’ is a song inspired by a breakup and the emotional transition that accompanies it. The initial heartbreak when your ex moves on turns to confidence and contentment that the new person they’re Dating isn’t you.”

While growing up in a small town in central New York, Madelyn began her career at age four, playing a garage-sale Casio keyboard. When she was six years old, she started singing. Later, the pandemic interrupted her classical piano lessons, inspiring her to start writing her own music.

According to Madelyn, “It gave me an opportunity to go off on my own tangent. I was able to learn chords and have the building blocks to make songs rather than a masterpiece or something that would take me months to learn.”

Eventually, Madelyn completed a dozen songs. Converting her bedroom into a home studio, she recorded and produced a long-player album, teaching herself basic mixing and mastering skills.

Not long ago, Madelyn was interviewed by Darren Paltrowitz on the nationally syndicated TV interview series The Paltrocast, where she talked about splitting her time between New York and Nashville and her creative process.

“Won’t Be Me” was recorded in Nashville, with co-writers and producers Justin Klump and Tori Tullier.

Opening on delicious, creamy country guitars, “Won’t Be Me” flows into a contagious mid-tempo rhythm drenched in shimmering, twangy colors. Madelyn’s sumptuous vocals, tinted by luscious quixotic nuances, imbue the lyrics with plush timbres, conjuring up light tangs of swanky country drawl.

“Cuz I know it won’t be me, sun dancin’ in the dark of the rain / To where you text, are you okay / Well yeah it’s true, she might get the best of you / Won’t be me, even though you told me that it would.”

Madelyn Rose has it going on! “Won’t Be Me” blends luxurious, country sonic leitmotifs with the exquisite voice of Madelyn Rose.

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