Love Is Blind’s Micah CALLS OUT Zack For His Reunion Behavior: ‘Who’s Here For Fame?’

Micah Lussier is sharing her thoughts on the Love Is Blind reunion — and instead of going after her ex Paul Peden, as you might expect, she’s calling out an entirely different co-star for his behavior!

On Thursday’s episode of The Viall Files podcast, the reality star put Zach Goytowski on blast for claiming she and fellow mean girl Irina Solomonova (Zack’s first fiancée) only joined the show for fame. She argued:

“I don’t know what Zack was on last night, but it was too much for me.”


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She also flipped the tables and argued Bliss Poureetezadi‘s husband is really the one clout-chasing:

“You’ve plugged your Instagram in this finale or this reunion four different times. Who’s here for fame?”

Great point! If you didn’t catch it, during the reunion, Zack avoided giving answers to some heated questions, telling fans to check out the “receipts” on his personal Instagram instead. LOLz! Zack also slammed Micah for things that happened off cameras, including claims she told other women she was never interested in marrying Paul. Micah continued:

“You’re the one making all these videos, doing all this stuff. [Irina]’s been on ghost mode for weeks.”

On the one hand, we get her point. They were probably all seeking fame to some degree because they went on a freakin’ reality show to find love, for goodness sake! But there’s also a big difference between Irina and Zack. Irina was forced off socials after receiving a ton of hate for her bullying in the pods and beyond. The only time she surfaced was to post a public apology for her behavior (as did Micah).

Zack was always more of a fan favorite, and like the other non-controversial contestants, he was enjoying his time in the spotlight. Can you really blame him? Micah sure thinks so! Right after the reunion on Sunday night, she told ET:

“I feel like his comment was so out of left field that I don’t even want to give it the time of day. I don’t even know where that came from. No one wanted to own up to saying that because probably no one said it. I think he was making a lot of comments to hurt other people during the entire thing. I don’t understand, but it’s not my business. It’s not true.”

As for where Micah stands with Irina, she admitted on The Viall Files that they are still friends:

“I think if I expect people to believe that I can grow and grow up then I can give her that same respect.”

She also addressed her ex’s recent comments to TMZ, in which he slammed her for breaking up with him (during their post-show romance) and then going on a trip with another man. He complained:

“Yeah, immediately f**ks off to Europe with a random dude. I’m like, OK, cool.”

The 27-year-old had a VERY mature response to this, saying:

“Paul’s definitely out here making some claims. It’s already been made public that he moved on really quickly after our breakup with someone else in the cast. That’s absolutely within his right. I was never angry about that. I’m not angry about that.”

Paul previously admitted to Dating co-star Wendi Kong, who didn’t get much screen time, after the show finished filming. Micah continued:

“And I went on this Europe trip that he’s talking about month after we had broken up, and that’s my right too. We’re both single people. We both deserve to be happy. We deserve to find our person. Unfortunately, it wasn’t each other and that sucks, it did suck, it still sucks, if I’m being honest.”

That’s so different from what Paul made it seem like!

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Still, she sounded a little salty, adding:

“I have no intention of throwing him under the bus, and I hope he gives me the same respect.”

Similarly, Paul seemed to realize he screwed up. On Wednesday afternoon, he reposted the TMZ interview, clarifying:

“Listen y’all, I want to clarify: we were broken up at that point and she was within her right to Date whoever, as could I. And the vacation wasn’t until months after they had begun dating and we had broken up. Just because it hurt me doesn’t mean it was wrong.”

Innerestingly, the marketing campaign manager also revealed she and Paul were “on really good terms” before the finale and reunion — which changed everything!

“We weren’t exes that hated each other. […] None of it made me feel better. Leaving the reunion, I’m more pissed.”

She’s particularly confused that Paul tried to date her after their failed wedding — when he claimed he couldn’t marry her because he didn’t think she’d be a good mother. She said:

“I’m confused why we even tried [to date] at all after the wedding.”

It’s not just Paul with whom she’s become distant. She also said she was on good terms with her co-stars before the series released, but not since she began getting negative backlash:

“They kind of dropped me like it was hot.”

Oof. That’s tough. Hear Micah get candid about all the Love Is Blind drama (below)!

Reactions? Do you think Micah was right about Zack?!

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