Kyle Richards Gives Update on Kathy Hilton Situation

Kyle Richards


Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards gave an update on her estrangement from her sister, Kathy Hilton.  “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” sisters have had a strained Relationship ever since they fell out during an explosive cast trip to Aspen while filming the Bravo reality show last year.

The Aspen scenes were filmed in early 2022 and the RHOBH reunion was taped in September 2022, but more than six months later, things are still not good between the celebrity siblings. In an April 18, 2023 interview with People, Richards said she hopes to reconcile with her eldest sister over time.

“We’ll get there one day, you know, it takes time,” she said. “Family’s complicated. You know, we’re no different than anybody else except we’re in the public eye. But, we’ve gone through hard times before and we’ve always come back together. So that’s the hope.”

The estrangement has also meant that Richards has yet to meet her niece Paris Hilton’s newborn baby, Phoenix, who was born in January 2023. “I have not seen baby Phoenix,” Richards admitted. “I wish I could say that I have, but I haven’t.”

Kyle Richards Previously Said “Sisters Always Make Up”

Kyle Richards.

GettyKyle Richards & Kathy Hilton.

The famous family members have had falling outs before and they have always reconciled. In October 2022, Richards told The Daily Mail that “sisters always make up.” She said something similar to E! News that same month. “We’re sisters. We’ll be fine,” Richards said. “We are family at the end of the day, we are blood, and you have to make things right.”

But months later, Richards admitted that things were still rocky between her and Hilton — and that no progress had been made since they filmed the RHOBH reunion. In February 2023, Richards told Page Six she had not seen her oldest sister in “a while.” “Things are not great since the reunion to be honest,” she added.

The following month, Richards gave the same outlet a more hopeful update. “Obviously, we’re a family and we’ve gone through hard times before and we always come back together, so that’s my hope again – to have us all come back together,” Richards said.

Kathy Hilton has Not Yet Filmed for RHOBH Season 13

Kathy Hilton

GettyKathy Hilton.

It is unclear if Hilton will return for the upcoming season of RHOBH. The socialite has been a recurring cast member for the past two seasons, but she has already missed multiple filming opportunities for the upcoming 13th season, including a dinner party at Richards’ house that was filmed in March.

A source told People that Hilton hasn’t made a decision on a potential return to the Bravo reality show after last season’s disastrous ending. “Kyle is waiting like everyone else to see if she ends up doing the show,” the insider said. The source also confirmed that nothing has changed between the sisters since the reunion taping, which had Richards left in tears.

“Nobody has made an effort to sit down and patch things up,” the insider said. “Kyle is busy focusing on herself right now and Kathy is doing the same. But they’re family and each of them are supportive of the other and always will be.”

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