Kristina Crestin Husband Kirby: Job, Family, Marriage

Every property featured on Farmhouse Fixer is in good hands with host Jonathan Knight and interior designer Kristina Crestin. Since the HGTV show’s March 2021 premiere, fans have wanted to know more about the duo, including details about their romantic Relationships. Scroll below to get to know more about Kristina’s husband, Kirby Crestin. 

Who Is Kristina Crestin’s Husband, Kirby Crestin?

Kristina and Jonathan work side by side to restore New England farmhouses on Farmhouse Fixer. The home improvement star was born and raised in New England in a town called Bellingham. She ended up meeting her husband, a construction worker, through her work in interior architectural design. They often collaborate on projects together. 

“We’re on a project together right now,” she told HGTV in September 2022. “He’s a foreman and carpenter, so he runs a lot of the job sites I work on. We love collaborating. My team is really adept at putting a good set of drawings together, so he appreciates all the detail he gets when collaborating with us.”

Kristina Crestin Husband Kirby: Job, Family, Marriage
Courtesy of Kristina Crestin/Instagram

Kristina tends to keep details about her marriage pretty private on social media. Once in a while, she offers rare glimpses of her Relationship and the sweet moments she has shared with Kirby. On Valentine’s Day in 2021, the TV personality posted a selfie on Instagram with her beloved and wrote a heartfelt caption to celebrate their love story.

“On this Valentine’s Day, I am feeling very thankful [for] all the love in my life,” she gushed. “Not just for Kirby but being surrounded by amazing parents and friends. This candid moment with Kirby in the midst of me pestering him for yet MORE dock tree ornament photos and videos for Instagram captures a moment of joy. And love. I am lucky to be surrounded by it.” 

Does Kristina Crestin Have Kids?

Together, Kristina and Kirby are pet parents to their adorable dog, Cooper. The Kristina Krestin Design founder revealed that she views her pet as her child. 

“Right now, we have our baby until we have babies: our dog, Cooper,” she said. “She got to be in one of the episodes and I swear our producer did that just for me. It’s one of my favorite things from last season.”

The HGTV star also revealed that she takes pride in owning a very special ride.

“My other baby is a 1955 vintage pickup truck named Dixie,” Kristina shared. “I’ve always wanted a vintage truck and we found one and restored it. We painted it bright turquoise. There’s nothing better than cruising around town or to a job site.”

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