King Charles’ and Camilla ‘vital secret to healthy relationship’

King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, have had a strong marriage and now a “vital” secret has been revealed.

A former butler to the now King and Queen Consort has shared one of the key secrets to the Couple’s “healthy Relationship”, following “past mistakes”.

As we quickly approach the King’s coronation in May, a former royal butler has discussed King Charles’ relationship with wife Camilla.

Grant Harrold previously served as butler to Charles and Camilla.

He also served for Prince William and Kate, the Princess of Wales, for a short while.

This role allowed him a close insight into the royal family and their Relationships.

King Charles and Camilla
King Charles will have his coronation next month (Credit: SplashNews)

Charles and Camilla relationship secret

In an inteview with Slingo, Grant has revealed the “clever” ways Camilla has maintained a separate life from the royals. He believes this has been “vital” to the “healthy relationship” she now has with King Charles.

“She’s managed to bag herself a royal life and a private life.” Grant told Slingo.

“What some people might not know or not so aware of is that she’s got her own children, Tom and Laura, and they’ve got their own children so she’s a grandmother with her own grandchildren.”

Camilla with a horse and umbrella
Camilla has maintained a royal life and a private life (Credit: SplashNews)

Charles and Camilla marriage

Grant went on to discuss Camilla’s second home. He says that having a space of her own has also had many benefits.

“She’s also got her own house, Ray Mill, which she’s maintained as her own residence,” he said. “It’s her own space so when she’s not doing royal duties she’s still got her own space for her and her family from her first marriage and I think it’s nice that she’s got that.

“She spends a lot of time with the King, of course they share the same homes and everything. But she’s got that little bolthole, somewhere she can go and have her own space especially if he’s away and doing things overseas on his own.”

I think that’s the secret to a healthy relationship.

He suggested that this space from one another has allowed Charles and Camilla to redress “mistakes from previous years”.

He said: “I think that’s the secret to a healthy relationship, having your own space as well is vital and that’s maybe what they’ve worked out was the mistakes from previous years. So that works really well.”

In the interview, the former butler also addressed how public perception on Camilla has changed over the past 20 years.

Grant expressed that he witnessed first hand how ‘kind and caring’ the Queen Consort is both on a private basis and in her royal duties.

He also discussed the way in which her situation has changed as Queen Consort.

Grant said: “I remember going to the house years ago before they married and she answered it as if you would answer your house. Now she’s Queen and if you wanted to get in touch with her you have to go through offices and allsorts. Imagine back then knocking on the door, ‘Mrs PB? I’m here!’”

“It’s different now, so different.” He mused.

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