Khloe Kardashian Pitches “Single K Sisters” for Next LIB Season

Alexa and Khloe crossed paths at the Good American Every Body panel in Los Angeles, and the Netflix star subsequently shared what the event meant to her.

“I can’t even explain how blessed I feel to be invited into these rooms,” Alexa wrote in an April 20 Instagram post. “I haven’t talked about my body on here in awhile, because I’m honestly so sick of it being a conversation. I’m tired of people guessing if I’m pregnant or not. I’m tired of people telling me either I’ve lost or gained weight. I’ve been focusing on my happiness and more important things than my size.” 

However, she acknowledged that getting to this point has been a journey.

“It’s taken years for me to love myself at any size that I am,” the LIB alum added. “One of my most asked questions is where I get my confidence from. It wasn’t something I was born with, but it’s something I work on everyday.”

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