Kendall Jenner was front and center to watch her boyfriend, Bad Bunny, bring Coachella to its hands and knees during his headlining set Friday — and she was dancing up a storm.

The model was spotted out in the crowd while BB hit the main stage a little before midnight … and she had a great view of his performance while surrounded by friends (and bodyguards). As you can see … KJ was feeling the tunes, including the up-tempo salsa part!

Kendall did a little twist in line with the beat, so it seems she might’ve learned a new step or two while Dating the reggaeton star … whom she’s been with, publicly, for 2 months now.

That’s not all Kendall was into during the show … looks like she got herself into a conga line, of sorts, while BB continued to do his thing. There was a huge smile on her face as she clutched to a pal of hers — and she certainly didn’t care that people noticed her either.

We shoulda figured Kendall would be here to support Bad Bunny — fact is, they’re kinda inseparable lately … and their Relationship is going more public by the day … and there’s nothing more high visibility than Coachella.

This also speaks to the fact that Kendall and Bad Bunny are, in fact, the real deal — something that’s been signaled for a while now … especially with their recent intimate Date.

BB is scheduled to return to Coachella for weekend 2, so it’ll be interesting to see if Kendall makes it back here in 7 days to watch her man again. Something tells us … she just might.

Cheers to the happy Couple.


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