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Kailyn Lowry

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Kailyn Lowry

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so it seems for former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry. The former MTV star has become quite the podcast mogul in recent years, and currently co-hosts three shows, “Barely Famous” (which she hosts solo), “Coffee Convos” (where she shares the mic with Lindsie Chrisley), and “Baby Mamas No Drama” (which she co-hosts with her son Isaac’s stepmom Vee Rivera).

Now, one of Lowry’s exes, Malik Montgomery, has announced a podcast of his own, along with one of Lowry’s former best friends, Mark Allen.

“Episode 1 is gonna be crazy!!! Help Us Name Our Podcast,” Montgomery wrote in an April 2 Instagram post, with the three options for their podcast title being, “Brother 2 Brother podcast”, “You, Me and June”, and “Bare With me I’m eating Cereal”.

Malik Montgomery & Kailyn Lowry Secretly Dated for Years

Montgomery previously had a podcast, called “Bare with me, Im not famished. [sic]”, which ran for six episodes between April and June 2022. Montgomery spoke on the “Banks Facts 101” podcast on March 21 about this show and his upcoming podcast as well, saying, “I got a podcast coming soon with my boy Mark. Mark is a talented individual with a like mind, that’s a really good friend of mine. We got a podcast coming soon. I did have a point where I fell off from podcasting because I wasn’t in the right mental space, I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I wasn’t doing it for me.”

Montgomery also confirmed that the new podcast will cover “current events, situations, Relationships, everything under the sun, that’s what it’s about.”

Prior to his podcasting career, Montgomery dated Lowry on and off in secret for two years. Near the end of their Relationship, Montgomery appeared on Lowry’s “Barely Famous” podcast in March 2022. By the time Lowry posted about his appearance, however, she was already referring to Montgomery as her “*now ex*”.

By April of 2022, Montgomery was posting to social media claiming that he felt “played” by Lowry (who named him in her deposition for her lawsuit against “Teen Mom” co-star Briana DeJesus) after hearing rumors that Lowry was already living with her new boyfriend Elijah Scott (whom Lowry was referring to at the time as “hot neighbor”). After speaking out about their relationship, Montgomery also shared a text message screenshot, seemingly from Lowry, that said, “You commented on the f***ing shade room and you signed an NDA. So now, you can get f***ing sued,” however Montgomery replied that his NDA had already expired.

What Happened Between Kailyn Lowry & Mark Allen

Lowry has a history with Montgomery’s new co-host Mark Allen, as well. Lowry and Allen are former best friends, with Allen popping up on “Teen Mom 2” since its inaugural season. In May 2021, Lowry spoke on her “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast about how her friend (referring to Allen) was mad at her for only being able to go on a one-day birthday trip for his 30th birthday, rather than a full-week trip.

One month later, Allen spoke with The U.S. Sun and called Lowry out, claiming this was a lie. “In this situation here, it became to a point where she began to disrespect me. Once you disrespect me, I’m not going to tolerate it or deal with that. Now I am experiencing things where she’s lying about certain things that happened and that’s one of my pet peeves. I am not going to deal with that,” Allen said.

Allen said that he had no issue with Lowry only being able to join his week-long celebration for one day and that she exaggerated his response in retelling the story on her podcast. He also added that, despite what Lowry said on her podcast, they had a friend ready to come along for the trip just to help with Lowry’s children so that she could have her own fun. The two got into a fight when Allen changed the plans of the trip from fishing to a beach day (which was the original plan before he switched to fishing to accommodate potentially inclement weather).

This birthday trip was the spark that caused the two to go back and forth on social media, and eventually severed their 15-year-long friendship.

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