Jon Gosselin bashes Kate’s ‘parental alienation’ amid hopes to reconcile with kids

Jon Gosselin accused ex-wife Kate Gosselin of alienating their eight children from him while they were in the midst of a tumultuous divorce.

“I didn’t do parental alienation on my side but she definitely did on her side,” he told the US Sun over the weekend.

“But now they are adults they may not be influenced as much by her, and management and all those things.”

The “Jon & Kate Plus 8” alum claimed that after his divorce from Kate, their kids “were under her thumb” living with her. However, now that they’re all legal adults, he hopes they can “start to heal” as a family.

Six Gosselin kids posing for a photo together
The “Jon & Kate Plus 8” alum said he hopes their kids “may not be influenced as much” by Kate now that they are not legally required to live with her.
The Gosselin family sitting and posing for a photo
Jon emphasized that his “door has always been open to them.”

“My door has always been open to them and I hope now they are adults they may want to reach out,” he told the outlet.

Jon, 46, also accused his ex-wife, 48, of owing him “arrears” but claims he has since “forgiven them,” stating, “I just want to be done with it.”

“I can get on with my life, it’s such a good feeling,” he added. “I don’t even think it’s sunk in yet, because I’ve been going to court for so long.”

The Couple divorced in 2009 but had been going to court to fight for both custody and child support agreements ever since – until the sextuplets became legal adults last May.

Kate Gosselin staring
Jon accused Kate of alienating their kids.
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“It would be like I can’t do this thing without having to renegotiate child support or I can’t do that thing because Kate’s going to bring it in court and try and make me look bad. There were constant accusations flying around,” Jon told the outlet.

“Now there’s no custody and no child support because the kids are adults and the cases are all closed. It’s a weird feeling. I never really planned for it.”

Kate previously claimed in August that Jon actually owes her money in child support payments, but it’s unclear if that was resolved since it took place after the children became legal. She has since moved on and lives in North Carolina.

Hannah, Collin and Jon Gosselin posing for a photo together
Jon lived with both Hannah and Collin.
A throwback photo of Jon and Kate Gosselin with their kids
The four other sextuplets and twins, Cara and Madelyn, stayed with their mom.

Hannah and Collin, both 18, moved in with Jon in 2018, while twins Cara and Madelyn, 21, and fellow sextuplets Joel, Aaden, Alexis and Leah, also 18, lived with their mom.

Collin has since spoken out about hisRelationship/”> strained relationship with his mom. Back in November, he claimed that he hasn’t talked to his siblings in years.

The former couple starred in TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” series from 2007 to 2009. After their 2009 divorce, Kate continued starring on the renamed “Kate Plus 8” series from 2010 to 2016. Page Six has reached out to her rep for comment.

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