Jeremiah Brent Shares Photos From Wedding

Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus


Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus

HGTV host Jeremiah Brent shared photos from a weekend wedding in a Wednesday, April 19 Instagram post.

“From a weekend rooted in beauty and love. Here’s to the most beautiful Couple and our sweet flower girl,” Brent captioned the post, which included a photo of him with his and Nate Berkus’s 8-year-old daughter Poppy, who served as the flower girl referenced in her father’s caption. The couple also shares a 5-year-old son, Oskar, whose birthday is three days after Poppy’s.

The remaining photos in Brent’s post show the bride (Dagmar Brown) and groom at the altar with Poppy in the background, as well as a closeup of Brent’s shoes and an exterior shot of the wedding venue, which boasted a very lush garden filled with trees, hedges, and flowers.

Fans Divided Over Jeremiah Brent’s Shoes

While many fans flocked to Brent’s comment section to join in the celebration of his friend’s love (which one fan claimed in the comments to have taken place in Oaxaca, Mexico), others popped in to debate the designer’s shoes, which were sleek black slip-ons with bows on the front.

“Your shoes 🔥 (& Poppy is also stunning 😂! ) x” one user wrote, with a reply reading, “sorry, not feelin those wierd shoes 😳.”

“The girl, the shoes, the bride ❤️🫶🏼,” another fan added.

“Ok a big no on the shoes” a third fan commented, with a reply reading, “*takes them off your Xmas gift list*”.

Despite sparking this debate, many fans were gushing over Brent’s fathering skills, with one comment reading, “I just love the way you love your children and the way you interact with your children you can just see how the both of you put your children first and you don’t see that too much anymore.”

“You have been blessed with a beautiful family. Poppy is a beautiful girl and I can tell she has an amazing heart ❤️ like her parents 🙏,” another user wrote.

Jeremiah Brent & Nate Berkus Got Married in 2014

Brent and Berkus got engaged 10 years ago this April, and this May marks their 9-year wedding anniversary (with traditional gifts pottery and willow wood). The couple got married in Manhattan, at the New York Public Library, and were the first same-sex couple to tie the knot at the iconic New York destination. The president of the Oprah Winfrey Network, Sheri Salata, officiated, while Winfrey herself was in attendance as a guest.

The pair wore matching black tuxedos in their wedding photos, and incorporated their shared love of design, collaborating with their wedding planner and various vendors to pull off their perfect night. A great deal of the decor incorporated items from Berkus’s Target home goods collection and fabric line, as well.

Within months of their wedding, the news broke that Brent and Berkus were expecting their first baby, Poppy, via surrogate, and their daughter was born before their first wedding anniversary. Brent shared ahead of their wedding that his original dream would be to have many children, saying, “I want like a soccer team. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy for us like conventional couples as you can imagine. We both want kids. I would have five if I could, but we will probably have two.”

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