‘It doesn’t hit me so much’

Emily Ratajkowski’s anxiety doesn’t hit her “so much” anymore.

Emily Ratajkowski’s anxiety doesn’t hit her ‘so much’ anymore

Emily Ratajkowski’s anxiety doesn’t hit her ‘so much’ anymore

The model, 31, who has two-year-old son Sylvester with estranged ex-husband Sebastian Bear McClard, 42, said she now has clarity on how she sees the world which helps keep her worries in check.

She told the LA Times: “I don’t even feel my heart rate go up in the way that I used to.

“The anxiety doesn’t hit me so much, because I’m very clear on how I see the world and what the truth is.”

Emily also said one of her recent dates told her she was “stoic in the face of adversity”.

But Emily added: “I think of myself as extremely tender. I’m like, ‘Have I been hardened?’

“I think I’m just a little less scared now, basically, of the world. So maybe that comes off as unemotional.”

Emily also told how she has learned to tell men “no”, and voice her dislikes, but admitted: “I think a part of me is still scared of men.”

Emily, who was recently spotted kissing former One Direction singer Harry Styles, 29, after Dating a series of men including Pete Davidson, also 29, wrote in her ‘My Body’ essay collection about how after a night of taking vodka shots at age 15, she awoke to a boy raping her.

Her LA Times profile said she was left “so terrified that she became a serial monogamist, seeking safety in partners she hoped would protect her”.

Emily told the publication: “Men do usually respect other men’s presence in women’s lives.”

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