Is Survivor contestant Ricard Foyé splitting from husband Andy Foyé after 7 years? Here’s everything we know

Survivor contestant Ricard Foyé and his husband Andy Foyé have decided to part ways after seven years together. The Couple who have two kids, a 4-year-old daughter Aurelia, and a 2-year-old son Lucia, announced their separation through social media. Continue reading to know more about what happened and their Relationship history.

Ricard Foyé announces split from husband Andy Foyé 

“Telling my kids that baba & daddy are separating will always hurt. We had a great run. So much love, two beautiful babies & two angel babies. You’re my best friend. Our first family trip as just friends proved even more that we’re still soulmates, just in a different way,” Ricard tweeted on April 17, 2023, acknowledging the split. Along with it, he posted a selfie of himself and Andy with their children on a beach vacation they took after their separation.

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The Survivor alum, who appeared on season 41 of the reality series, met while volunteering at a queer youth camp in 2015 and the two eloped together on New Year’s Eve 2015 before hosting a wedding ceremony in May 2018. The same year, Andy’s transgender community motivated him and he decided to stop his hormone treatments to carry their kids himself.

The couple had Aurelia in 2019 and Lucia in 2021. Ricard dreamed of becoming a father since he was 12 years old, but had no idea how it would be possible. “I’m not straight, I’m not going to have a wife. There’s no way I’d be able to get a surrogate,” he told E! News. “My mind was so closed off to the idea of that. And then we met and I learned so much more about my queer community and so much more about what’s possible,” Ricard continued.

“He taught me, like, ‘Oh no, I can get pregnant.’ I was like, ‘What?’ So, keep your mind open to embracing whatever life hands you because I didn’t see any of this coming,” he added. Andy added, “Prior to meeting Ricard, I had not really thought about having kids and definitely not carrying kids. But once I met him, it was clear I did want to have a family with him.” Andy likes calling himself a seahorse dad, as male seahorses give birth to babies.

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Andy has not yet publicly commented on the split but with the couple continuing to go on vacations and posting family pictures, things between them seem to be far from awry. Before Lucia’s birth, Andy and Ricard suffered from a miscarriage during the coronavirus pandemic. “It was actually tougher the pregnancy we lost before Lucia. When I was going through that miscarriage, it was hard for me,” Andy had told the portal.

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