I was on Rise and Fall – here’s everything show bosses hid from us before filming started

IT is the new game show that has proved popular with Channel 4 viewers as they watch the antics of the Rulers and the Grafters in the tower.

But it all came crashing down for the latest axed contestant from Rise and Fall – 18 year old Marina Pownall.

Marina Pownall has opened up on her time on hit Channel 4 show Rise and Fall


Marina Pownall has opened up on her time on hit Channel 4 show Rise and FallCredit: Channel 4
The 18 year old has now left the contest


The 18 year old has now left the contestCredit: Channel 4

She found herself brutally axed from the contest when a split decision amongst the rulers led to new man in charge Connor to switch his vote and side with fellow players in giving Marina the boot.

Following her early exit from the game, Marina exclusively told The Sun just how much she knew before she signed up for the epic new reality show and the secrets that show bosses kept hidden from her.

Marina revealed the contestants were informed of the format of the programme before heading into the tower without too much detail being given away.

She revealed: “We knew that the worker’s shifts were gonna be rough, you know that.”

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However, she admitted that each of the show’s shocking twists and turns were kept secret from participants before heading into the programme in order to get across their genuine reactions on screen.

Marina further divulged: “The fun part for me, is that the twists and turns are so unexpected.

“You know on Love Island how you have Casa Amor and it is almost a given and it isn’t that much of a plot twist – with Rise and Fall everything was a proper plot twist!

“It was nice having that unexpected element but we knew enough [going in].”

Marina was fortunate enough to play both sides of the game having started off in the show down in the depths of the basement as a Grafter before managing to ascend up the lift to make it all the way to the top of the tower and into the red room, allowing her to have power and influence of show decisions.

But with being at the top came a consequence, as it meant that Marina and her fellow players were all susceptible to being axed from the game.

Marina added to The Sun of her shock at the twists once in the tower, she said: “I definitely didn’t think that when you were in the penthouse that the only way is exiting.

“I thought going in that you could be at the top and then you’d fall to the basement and then maybe rise again and fall back – a bit more fluid.”

The youngest contestant of the bunch, Marina told us how she was glad that she signed up for the first series of the show as it allowed her to experience being a player in the game without any previous game plan or pre-conceived notions – something she admitted might be somewhat easier if the show was to return for future editions.

She said: “I went in with no game plan. It’s not a show that you can work out what to do until you actually see it.

“I think being on the first season made it more fun and more of a surprise.

“That was really amazing about it being a season one cast.

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“I think it will still be great in the future and they could keep changing the format again and again and again.”

Marina was the youngest contender on the show


Marina was the youngest contender on the showCredit: Instagram

Rise and Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4. You can catch-up on the action so far and see Marina’s exit at any time on All4.

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