Has Rita Ora named her third album after husband Taika Waititi? Deets inside

Couple-made-simultaneous-wedding-proposals-1139261″>Rita Ora’s upcoming album is named after her Hollywood husband Taika Waititi. The song titled ‘You & I’, which will be available on July 14th, is an ode to her husband. The 31-year-old singer and the renowned director began Dating in 2021 and their wedding became a source of inspiration for her upcoming third album. Rita Ora’s next album “You and I” chronicles the various stages of her marriage with director Taika Waititi. ‘You & I’ is Rita’s first album in five years and her first since inking a lucrative deal with BMG.



While talking about the album, Rita said: “This album really means a lot to me. “It’s like my diary of the last few years, it’s my sound and it just feels so true to me and who I am today.”

She said: “I’m capturing this moment in my life where I’m falling in love. “There are things I talk about on it, very personal thoughts, about what it took for me to decide on this person, and to commit to him. “I’ve just been very brave and confident. I’ve written a lot of songs on this album, I’ve been in every session, and if not, I’ve altered songs to fit me.

More about Rita Ora

The British singer and songwriter, Rita Ora, rose to fame in February 2012 when she appeared on the song “Hot Right Now” by DJ Fresh. The song has topped the charts in the UK. Ora’s second studio album, Phoenix, was made available in November 2018. The lead single, “Your Song,” peaked at number 10 in the UK, while the following singles, “Anywhere,” and “Let You Love Me,” both made it to the top five. Besides, the singer has appeared in several television dramas and reality shows, including Bombshell, The Brief, The Voice UK, The X Factor, Empire, and more. The singer has won several awards which includes Bambi Awards, China Music Awards, Glamour Awards, and many more


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