GMA’s Robin Roberts Mystery Absence Solved

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Robin Roberts

GMA’s Robin Roberts Mystery Absence Solved

Robin Roberts was absent from the set of Good Morning America after experiencing a week she called “especially challenging.” 

The daytime host revealed where she had been in a recent Instagram post. Robin posted a pic of Palm Springs, California resort, which featured an umbrella and chair set against a beautiful mountain backdrop. 

Robin Roberts

She captioned the snap of her escape — “Saturday Serenity.”

One fan wrote in the post’s comment section — “Welcome to my wonderful town, Robin!”

Another person said — “Yes it’s a beautiful weekend here in the desert enjoy your stay and the beautiful views. So excited to know you’re so close! 🥰

Robin Roberts

Robin spoke about how to know the right time to walk away from a friendship, in a previous Instagram video. 

“A true friend is there when you fail, but there are absolutely reasons for why you must end a friendship or Relationship,” she said.

She added — “But don’t make bailing out a pattern when others have simply let you down.”

Robin Roberts

Robin went on to thank God for giving her good people in her life before asking followers what they were thankful for that day. 

The host shared a lighthearted exchange with co-host, Sam Champion, before taking off for her west coast getaway.

The GMA personality told Sam that they had high schoolers scheduled to deliver a live “proposal” on the show that day, prompting a chuckle from her colleague. 

Robin joked — “Will you go to the prom with me, Sam?”

Robin Roberts

The weatherman replied — “I would! I so would! Robin, I would!”

Robin then confessed that she was “done” with proms, as she had attended two such events in the past.

Earlier this month, GMA fans were concerned after meteorologist, Ginger Zee, shared that she was stranded in a dangerous location that had just been hit by a significant winter storm. Albany, New York had received over a foot of snow when Ginger braved the elements for the live broadcast. 

Robin Roberts

Ginger Zee, who described the snow as “wet, heavy, and super dense,” went on to alert locals that there were more storms on the way. The weather expert told east coast viewers unaffected by the storms that windy conditions remained a concern.   

After Ginger Zee delivered her report she turned back to Robin, who asked — “Ginger, wasn’t it difficult to get to your location this morning?”

She nodded and explained — “So, that’s the thing. We came in last night, we were in the rain. But, the person who was supposed to be taking me back has not arrived yet, so yes, the roads are keeping people very slow for sure.”

Robin thanked the 42-year-old and added — “we’re glad that you’re safe.”


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