46-year-old singer Shakira moved to Miami with her two sons, whom she shares with Gerard Piqué, while the 36-year-old footballer took a vacation with his girlfriend, Clara. 

Gerard Piqué enjoys vacation with Clara 

Shakira moved to Miami with her sons Sasha and Milan. While Spanish sources have reported that Gerard Piqué is on vacation with his girlfriend, Clara. The two reportedly took a trip to a remote location in the middle east to stay under the radar after Shakira’s departure from Barcelona. The reason behind the sudden trip is Clara’s 24th birthday. This news was shared on the podcast Mamarazzi, where they revealed that the footballer and his girlfriend would have absolute privacy on their vacation as the place where they have gone to is not easily accessible for the paparazzi and members of the media. 

Even though the duration of the Couple’s stay is undisclosed, the vacation cannot last more than a few weeks. Reportedly, Gerard is scheduled to meet his sons in Miami at the end of the month; the father of two will be spending 10 days with them. Piqué’s trip will also prove as an opportunity for his and Shakira’s lawyers to sort out the details of the children’s finances, including splitting the cost of their extracurricular activities and more 

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Shakira moves to Miami 

Shakira has decided to move closer to where her family and friends reside to start a new chapter in her life post her split from her long-term partner. She posted a story on Instagram to let fans know about her move, saying, “I settled in Barcelona to give my sons stability, the same that we are now looking for in another corner of the world besides family, friends, and the sea. Today we started a new chapter in the search for happiness.” 

She also thanked the people who have supported her, saying, “everyone who surfed many waves with me in Barcelona, the city where I learned that without a doubt, friendship is longer than love.”  There were also rumors that the reason behind the singer’s move was that she was seeing a mystery man who was located in Miami 

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