General Hospital Spoilers: Will Spencer and Trina finally start dating?

The upcoming episodes of the long-running American television drama series General Hospital promise the viewers surprises, drama, and lots of romance as the Nurses Ball moves forward. With the sparks flying between more than one Couple in the show, viewers can expect heart-eyed looks, possible unions, and aww-worthy scenes. Continue reading to find out the spoilers as well as highlights for the 4 April 2023 episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Spencer, played by Nicholas Alexander Chavez, and Trina, played by Tabyana Ali, arrive at the Nurses Ball alone, and can’t help but smile and stare at each other the moment their eyes met. The duo has told Sydney Val Jean, played by Chandra Wilson, they were just friends, and Trina has told Joss they aren’t serious, but that’s not what they truly believe.

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Between music and performances, Spencer and Trina have a conversation and talk about the status of their Relationship. He admits that he should have asked Trina to be his Date for the ball. What does the future have in store for them? Will they officially start Dating or will they continue to hide around under the “just friends” tag?

With the red carpet walks over, it’s performance time at the Nurses Ball and this is one part that Lucy, played by Lynn Herring, can’t resist. General Hospital nurses open the show, Trina and Joss, played by Eden McCoy, show off their musical talents, and Chase, played by Josh Swickard, sings a duet with Blaze, played by Jacqueline Grace Lopez.

Brook Lynn, played by Amanda Setton, is irritated. What could be the reason behind her annoyance? She might not be a performer this year, but she is the one Maxie, played by Kirsten Storms, has designated to take care of the performing talents. While, BLQ spots Linc in Blaze’s dressing room, Anna, played by Finola Hughes, and Valentin, played by James Patrick Stuart, can’t make it to the Nurses Ball.

They have been in hiding from Victor Cassadine, played by Charles Shaughnessy, since last fall. Valentin knows how much the Nurse’s Ball means to Anna, so he tries to bring the ball to her in the safe house living room they are stuck in. Anna and Valentin dress up and dance around together. But their romantic night comes to a standstill when Anna is alarmed. Is it because Lucy managed to escape? Or is it Victor who has found them?

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