Garcelle Beauvais Son Oliver Saunders Reveals If He’d Date Erika Jayne

Garcelle Beauvais


Garcelle Beauvais.

Garcelle Beauvais’ son spoke out about Erika Jayne — and he said some surprising things about her.

In a March 2023 interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Oliver Saunders, the eldest son of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  star, opened up about his cameo RHOBH episode, “It Takes a Villain,”  during which Erika called him “hot” and said he’s her “jam.”  The “Pretty Mess” singer suggested having a threesome with him and his wife, Samantha.

While speaking with Yontef, Saunders, 32, who is now split from his wife, said that while the attention from Erika was “flattering,” his mom would never go for him Dating her 51-year-old RHOBH co- star.

“My mother would…” he said. “Yeah, I don’t know. I have got a lot going on in my own life. I will skip and dodge that one.”

When asked if it would be worse for him to bring Erika or former RHOBH co-star Lisa Rinna to his mom’s house, Saunders replied, “I don’t even think I’d make it to the door… I would not even make it to the door. I wouldn’t even make it to the gate. Mom, mom isn’t having that.”

Garcelle Beauvais Previously Shut Down the Idea of Her Son Dating Erika Jayne

Beauvais previously addressed Erika’s flirtation with her son when she was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” in June 2022. After host Andy Cohen asked her if she thought it was “funny” to see her co-star swooning over her son,  she replied, “It was sweet until it got creepy.”

Saunders, who was in the audience, told Cohen that nothing would ever happen between him and Erika. “Over my dead body!” Beauvais agreed.

Oliver Saunders Downplayed Erika Jayne Cursing at His Younger Brother, Jax Nilon

In his interview with Yontef, Saunders also addressed another incident that happened during his mom’s 55th birthday party — Erika Jayne cursing at his then-14-year-old brother, Jax Nilon. After the teen grabbed flower arrangements from a party table, Erika told him, “Get the f*** out of here…. Get the f*** out of here before you get in trouble.”

Beauvais later confronted Erika and told her what she said to her son was “not okay.” In a confessional scene, she said of Erika, “How many other family members of mine is she going to go after tonight? First Oliver, now Jax? She’s done.”

Saunders told Yontef he thinks the backlash Erika faced after the incident was overblown.

“Yes, you obviously shouldn’t cuss at a teenager or anything like that,” he said. “My brother wasn’t fazed by it, you know what I mean? He wasn’t fazed by it. I think that, you know, the drinks had been flowing. I’m not making an excuse for her. You know, she was out of line, but I don’t think that it was as, as crazy as it as it came out to be.”

He said he later asked his little brother if he was “okay” after the RHOBH star cursed at him.

“And he was like ‘What are you talking about? Like, I’m not, I’m not even tripping.’ You know? So it wasn’t, I think if it affected him more then it would’ve been a little bit crazier to me,” he said.

“People get drunk, have a good time, a lot of drinks, you know, s*** gets said,” Saunders added. “I don’t think she was really trying to legitimately hurt him. I think that he was just drunk, said the wrong thing. Shouldn’t have said it for sure, you know, but it’s not the craziest thing that’s happened if you asked me.”

Beauvais does not seem to feel the same about Erika’s behavior while she was drinking. According to People, in a season 12 confessional, she said, “We’ve all had many a drinks, but how you behave is really who you are.”

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