Fubar: Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in action; Check cast, release date, streaming details, and more

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with a bang in the Netflix series Fubar. The Terminator actor is set to play the role of a CIA agent in an action-packed series alongside co-star Monica Barbaro

FUBAR Release Date

The official release date for Fubar is May 25. You can watch the show on Netflix. The series will consist of 8 episodes, each episode approximately 50 minutes long. 

Fubar: Trailer 

The Fubar trailer was released on April 19. The trailer starts out showing us the life of CIA agent Luke Brunner, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and how he is about to retire. He gets assigned one last mission, and he gets paired up with another agent, only to find out that his daughter Emma is also in the CIA. Emma and Luke must navigate and figure out their new dynamic to complete their mission. 

Fubar Cast 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is leading the show in the role of Luke Brunner. Fubar will mark Arnold’s first-ever Television series. He spoke about it in an interview, “Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like True Lies. Well, here it is. FUBAR will kick your ass and make you laugh — and not just for two hours. You get a whole season.” Monica Barbaro, who is known best for her role in Top Gun Maverick, is playing the role of Luke’s daughter Emma. The rest of the cast includes Jay Baruchel, Aparna Brielle, Andy Buckley, Fortune Feimster, Barbara Eve Harris, Gabriel Luna, Fabian Udenio, and Travis Van Winkle. 

Nick Santora, who has worked on shows The Sopranos and Law & Order, is the creator of Fubar. Arnold himself is a producer for Fubar, along with Nick Santora, Scott Sullivan, Adam Higgs, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Bill Boost, Holly Dale, and Phil Abraham.

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Fubar plot 

The official synopsis on the Netflix series Fubar reads, “When a father and daughter learn that they’ve each secretly been working as CIA Operatives for years, they realize their entire Relationship has been a lie, and they truly don’t know one another at all. Forced to team up as partners, FUBAR tackles universal family dynamics set against a global backdrop of spies, fantastic action, and humor.”

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