Chris Kattan is engaged.

Chris Kattan is engaged

Chris Kattan is engaged

The former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star, 52, popped the question to his significant other, Maria Libri, at a Wilco show in Chicago in March.

He told PEOPLE: “Maria and I fully accept each other for who we are.

“It’s not just the things we have in common, we also embrace our quirks and differences – and we don’t love each other in spite of them, we love each other because of them.

“When I got to see her and spend time together a few months after we first met, and I realised our creative brains were also totally in sync (after the first sketch we did together), that’s when I knew I was in trouble! Thankfully for me she felt the same way.”

Former journalist Maria met Chris when she interviewed him over a year and a half ago when he was touring a comedy show.

Maria – who is now an actor and screenwriter – admitted she and Chris were “immediately comfortable” with each other when they first met, and she felt as though they had known one another “in a past life”.

She said: “After spending that first day together (though I didn’t know how), I just somehow knew that my life would never be the same after meeting Chris.”

In December, Chris underwent emergency surgery after he was hospitalised with severe pneumonia.

Maria posted on Instagram at the time: “This sweet, sweet man of mine is on the road to recovery, after a severe pneumonia scare.

“He is always taking care of us, now it’s our turn to take care of him”

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