Dr Fia delivers ‘good news for fans’ of ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl

Dr Fia Johansson, the celebrity psychic and private investigator looking after ‘I am Madeleine McCann‘ girl Julia Wandelt, has delivered an update. And she says it’s “good news”.

Writing on her Instagram stories, she revealed ‘fans and followers’ would be pleased with the announcement. However, she wrote that it was “bad news” for people wanting to use Julia.

Julia Wandelt looks uncomfortable as she is interviewed on Dr Phil
Julia gave her first TV interview this week (Credit: YouTube/Dr Phil)

Dr Fia reveals ‘good news’ for ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl Julia

Dr Fia put in a post uploaded to her stories: “Today I got Julia’s power of attorney. I legally and officially can decide Julia’s living and her health and welfare.”

She then continued: “Good news for Julia’s fans and followers. Bad news for people who can’t use her anymore.”

Dr Fia's Instagram Story post revealing she has power of attorney for Julia Wandelt
Dr Fia now has power of attorney for Julia (Credit: Instagram)

Over the course of the weekend Dr Fia has shared a number of posts, including a lengthy Instagram Live, in which she claims people have been trying to scam Julia.

She has shared numerous message exchanges to prove her allegations. She also says the police are looking into it.

Madeleine McCann smiles sweetly in a red dress
Madeleine disappeared aged 4 and Julia thinks she might be her (Credit: Shutterstock)

Is Julia Wandelt Madeleine McCann?

Dr Fia has been helping Polish girl Julia uncover her heritage after she claimed in mid-February that she could be the missing Brit. She is currently awaiting DNA test results.

However, yesterday Dr Fia shared her “gut feeling” with a TikTok influencer. She confirmed the DNA results will be back on April 13.

But she has now reached her own conclusion about Julia’s indentity. Fia explained the 21-year-old was both “loving” and “hating” the verdict.

In the TikTok inerview it was revealed that “I am sure Julia’s mother is her mother because I found something out about her and Julia through the investigation.” Fia then continued to explain Julia’s reaction to the discovery: “Well, she’s hating and at the same time loving it.”

She continued: “My opinion, I don’t think so that she is Madeleine. I can’t say 100% yes but I can’t say 100% no.”

Dr Fia Johansson on Dr Phil
Dr Fia claims to have reached a verdict on Julia’s identity (Credit: YouTube/Dr Phil)

‘I am Madeleine McCann girl’ Julia’s first TV interview

Earlier this week Julia gave her first television interview to Dr Phil. Dr Fia was by her side throught. During the appearance she made some bombshell claims.

Julia, currently living in a safehouse in the US following death threats, claimed she had asked her mother for proof of her birth. However, she says her mum refused to show her any. Dr Fia also revealed the hospital had no records of Julia’s birth.

Although Julia’s family insist she took her birth certificate and baby pictures, Julia denies she’s ever even seen any of these items, let alone taken them.

Dr. Phil also asked if Julia had had her DNA report yet. “Fia helped me with my ancestry,” Julia said, before adding: “We are waiting for results.”

Julia then insisted she would provide the British police with a DNA sample if her DNA shows that her roots are from Britain.

Dr Fia has since insisted Julia was not paid for the appearance. She also stated there has been no payment made for any of her interviews. However in a bizarre twist, she has revealed Julia has written 72 original songs about her experience – so could a music career be next on her list?

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