DISCOVER: SM6 drop Sabrina Carpenter-inspired alternative rock track titled “Blondie”

Dropped at the start of this month, alongside their debut album titled “Rom Com”, SM6 have released the flirty track “Blondie” which is inspired by Sabrina Carpenter. “Who gives a shit what Joshua thinks?” the lyrics state, which is one of a few ballsy lyrics that SM6 have included, and we can’t help but think this makes it iconic, to say the least. The release of this track and their debut album “Rom Com” makes them the follow-up to SM6’s single “Generation Heartbreak” which was the first single release from the album.

SM6 are an alternative rock and indie-pop band from Chicago, Illinois, consisting of the Jones siblings whose names are Adam, Isabel, Eliana, Jack, Emily, and George. They have been working on music together for a decade or so amassing a huge following on a variety of social media platforms, mainly going viral on TikTok where they have over 3 million followers and 12 million weekly watchers. They have managed to convey their lives through a variety of different videos as well as championing each other and their music as part of SM6, so much so that they’ve managed to translate their following into massive streams across various music platforms, with their debut single, “Oddity”, which was released in 2020, raking in 1.5 million Spotify streams, making it their most-streamed track on the platform, with “Panic” just behind at 1.02 million streams – the track, of which, was a personal letter from Isabel in embracing her sexuality and the anxieties of coming out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. With there being a huge open space for a mixed-gender group in pop music as a whole, SM6 have massive potential to fill that gap.

Written by Isabel Jones, Nicci Funicelli, and Shayon Daniels, whilst it has been produced by Shayon Daniels as part of JENGA Productions, “Blondie” is an alternative rock song that has indie-pop rhythms that flow throughout whilst the lyrics are sexy, fun, and totally flirtatious. Completely inspired by Sabrina Carpenter from her 5′ 2″ height (well according to the song, Google states she’s actually 4″ 9′) to her iconic golden blonde hair that reaches her waist to the mention of Joshua – who we have to presume is Joshua Bassett referencing the whole rumoured drama with Olivia Rodrigo, which is so in the past now. The lyrics continue to create a wishful narrative of wanting to Date Sabrina Carpenter and be her little secret – get in there Isabel!

The band doesn’t mess about when it comes to the sound, creating an epic rhythmic rock beat that includes some unforgettable guitar and drum instrumental segments, all wrapped around a progressive indie-pop melody which just makes the entire song stand out. “Blondie” is a track we can totally get behind and one we’ll be adding to our everyday playlist and you should too as SM6 are ready to become the worldwide stars they deserve to be.

Stream “Blondie” by SM6 on Spotify here:

“Blondie” by SM6 is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. The band also released their debut studio album, this month, titled “Rom Com”, in which “Blondie” is one of seven tracks on the LP. We completely recommend that you check out the album too.

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