Dropped in February, and gaining traction ever since, “Say My Peace” by LKS is expressionism hip-hop at its best. Opening us up into his artistic thoughts and creative world, this rising rapper shows how much of a visionary he truly is. This track follows the January single release, “Lv Is Blind”, and LKS has since dropped a new single, in March, titled “Not the Same Freestyle”.

LKS, real name Lukas Oller-Morris, is a London-based rapper and hip-hop artist who is making an impact within the industry. At the age of 11, he started creating and writing lyrics, transforming his thoughts into verses, and as his skills developed he realised how much he was originally internalising such as emotions, ideas, and experiences, and that it was better to open up rather than keep everything inside. He soon bought equipment and started to create thousands of songs which will stay unreleased as he made them for himself. Knowing this showcases how determined and hardworking LKS is but not for fame or popularity but more for himself and his mental health and being able to open up by surrounding himself in music, his music, his words, and his experiences. Considering the number of unreleased songs he has, you know that the tracks that he does drop are absolutely top-tier. He dropped his debut single, “I Am I Am”, in December 2022, and has gone on to release three more tracks, with “Say My Peace” becoming his most-streamed track with thousands of Spotify streams.

Watch the official music video o “Say My Peace” by LKS here:

Written by Lukas Oller-Morris, “Say My Peace” is a relatable indie-hip-hop track that allows LKS to shine throughout with emotional lines that manage to hit home to the listeners. The self-produced track has a rhythmic energy that mashes perfectly with LKS’s flow as he delves deeper into his thoughts and emotions, connecting with everyone who listens whilst also keeping his strong London accent – which is quickly becoming influential in the hip-hop industry. The accompanying music video mainly follows LKS performing the track out the passenger seat window, which is later intercut with a variety of different scenes, such as eating a cheeseburger, showcasing that his music is for him and we’re privileged to be hearing it. LKS truly is spreading positivity and belief in oneself with “Say My Peace”.

Talking about the track, LKS said: “I wanted to write about that weird state of mind where you feel you have no limits, but at the same time, you suppress your success and accept the fate that comes with disregarding your talent. It’s also about the inability to grasp an amazing moment tight enough to live it to the fullest. Ultimately, you end up with nothing and have to go through the process of accepting that too, but in the end, we can’t take our material world or success into the next life; everything we have amassed will be in the hands of others or cast away in the same vein as my disregard for my talents.”

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“Say My Peace”, by LKS, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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