Cookiee Kawaii and Rocky Snyda Freshen Up the Club Algorithm on “Let Me Rock”

Are you tired of dancing at the club when everything sounds the same? Well, listen to this hot new track from New Jersey-based queer icon Cookiee Kawaii called “Let Me Rock”. Featuring Rocky Snyda, Cookiee Kawaii set out to compose a club anthem that didn’t fit into just one genre. It’s got something for everybody with a potent rap sequence, slow and sensual beats, and R&B influences. Above all, it makes you wanna dance in a way that’s new and unexpected from the usual club circuit.

“Let Me Rock” combines dreamy electronics, angelic vocals, and bouncy rap flow for a track that’s jam packed with energy. Cookiee Kawaii sings, “It’s just us girl, you and me gon’ last all night.” She wrote this track about living your best life and being free, and there’s no better place to celebrate yourself than at the club. With blissed out sonics, a body-shakin’ rap, and effervescent vocals, “Let Me Rock” is sure to transform any party and take you one step closer into Cookiee Kawaii’s enchanted world.

Cookiee Kawaii was born to be a force of nature in the dance community. With house Djs for parents, Cookiee Kawaii has always had the bug for music. She’s grown herself a following of more than 1.4 million on TikTok and has more than 2 million monthly listeners. “Let Me Rock” is the latest from Cookiee Kawaii and Rocky Snyda in advance of her upcoming album Club Soda. Vol. 3.

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