Captain Glenn Shephard Sounds Off on ‘Below Deck’ Love Triangle

Captain Glenn Shephard


Captain Glenn Shephard

The fourth season of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” kicked off earlier in April and the trailer for the season showed that there will be a love triangle between Gary King, Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae.

As viewers might recall, King and Kelliher have been in a “will-they-won’t-they” situation since season 3 when they had a sultry makeout in the hot tub. However, season 4 will see Kelliher and MacRae hookup and the trailer showed that it bothered King.

During an ET interview with Captain Glenn Shephard, he was asked via video message by Kelliher if he was “team Colin” or “team Gary.” Shephard, who was sitting next to King for the interview, laughed and said it was a “tough one.”

King exclaimed that even he was “team Colin” as Shephard pointed out that “choosing teams is kinda like choosing your favorite kid.” The beloved captain glanced at King and laughed, adding, “But knowing Gary, Colin’s a little more settled down, so if Daisy’s asking me… You know, I would say it’s win-win but if I had to choose one I’d probably say go with team Colin.”

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Gary King Said He Felt a Connection With Daisy Kelliher & It Made Him Jealous to See Her With Colin MacRae

King commented on the situation during the same interview and said, “Daisy and I have had a connection, well, I certainly believe so, for many years. If you feel a connection with someone, seeing her or him hook up with someone else, I think it’s naturally gonna make you jealous.”

He admitted that looking at their previous two seasons together, it was possible to see that there was a connection between Kelliher and MacRae. Kelliher felt the same way, as she told E! News ahead of the season 4 premiere that she’d felt “there was kind of always something a bit there” between her and MacRae except that the chief engineer was always in a Relationship.

King was asked why he didn’t make a move on Kelliher in the past two years and he explained that he didn’t feel like getting into a long-distance relationship. “We live two different lives,” he told ET. “I guess that could be my only reason, and I’ve never believed in long distance. I’ve tried that, it didn’t work out, and I said I’d never do that again. Daisy and I see each other for maybe two months a year, and I don’t think that’s a feasible relationship.”

King and Kelliher have both refused to give details on where everybody stands today, although King admitted that he and MacRae are good and their friendship is very strong.

Daisy Kelliher Shared That She Was ‘Annoyed’ By Gary King’s Reaction to Her Hookup

The “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” chief stew previously shared that she was “annoyed” about King’s negative reaction to her hookup with MacRae. She said it felt like he was taking a moment of hers and making it about him.

The trailer showed King confronting Kelliher about her hookup and accusing her of doing it only to get back at him. Kelliher said she didn’t enjoy that reaction and that it felt as though the two men were acting a little as though she was just a “prize” and they were in some sort of contest, she told Us Weekly.

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