Camila Mendes is Cybersmile’s Cybersmiler of the Month for February

Our friends over at Cybersmile have announced that Camila Mendes is there Cybersmiler of the Month for February.

Camila Mendes has been chosen for the accolade due to opening up about her personal struggles with her body image and her problematic Relationship with food, both of which affected her personal and professional life.

The 28-year-old sopened up about her struggles with body image and her relationship with food during the filming of The CW teen drama “Riverdale” which she has faced since childhood. Due to the pressures of TV and being a public figure, she came to the realization that even watching herself perform on TV made her insecure about her own body image.

As Riverdale became more successful, Camila like many others in Hollywood felt more and more pressure which began to affect how she saw herself.

Camila was able to recognise her fears and made the brave and important step to seek help, working with a nutrionist to re-introduce food she had previously feared back in to her diet.

Having risen to popularity over the past several years, she now commands a global fan base, and Camila’s decision to open up about her struggles will no doubt resonate with many people who are also affected and possibly finding it difficult to see a way out of their situation.

In being awarded a Cybersmiler of the Month award Camila Mendes joins previous winners including Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga.

You can find out more about the amazing work Cybersmile does here!

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