Prince Harry was in London for at least four full days last week. He did not see his father and if they spoke, it was only on the phone. I suspect that they didn’t even speak, and that Harry spoke to various palace courtiers about his visit. The point is that even when Harry and his father are in the same country, their Relationship is utterly dysfunctional and built on institutional gaslighting. Instead of using the moment of his son’s sudden appearance to personally invite Harry to the coronation, the palace is once again left staggering through another week where the Sussexes’ Chubbly attendance or non-attendance is the story. And let me tell you, these posh dumbasses are so nervous.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry risk causing an “irreversible blow” to the royal family if they choose not to attend the King’s coronation, a royal expert claimed. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex — who received their invitations to the May 6 ceremony — are still mulling over whether or not they will make the 5,459-mile-long trip from their Montecito, Calif. home to London. If they do go, the exiled royals will be met with a “cold shoulder” from senior members of the royal family, according to a report.

Now, a royal expert has warned that by skipping the historic celebration — which coincides with Prince Archie’s 4th birthday — the exiled royals may cause a “fatal” rift with the Firm.

“In a universe in which the damage already caused by the rift is still recoverable from, at least in part, a no-show would be the fatal, irreversible blow, both in the public perception as well, potentially, as within the family itself,” public relations expert Edward Coram-James told GB News. “It risks drawing out the conflict over the long term.”

Coram-James added that if the Sussexes decide to skip the festivities, it “would draw as much, if not more, media attention. It would give further oxygen to the rift and allegations that the Sussexes have leveled at the royal family,” he told the outlet.

“And the shadow of their absence would loom large over the entire ceremony, risking becoming the elephant in the room and an unwanted sideshow.”

[From Page Six]

So we’re clear: Harry and Meghan are utterly unwelcome at the coronation and they’ll be treated like sh-t if they come and no one will speak to them because everyone hates them. Additionally, it’s incredibly important that they come because if they don’t come, their non-attendance will be the story and the family will never recover from the snub and there will be no way back for them… until the Windsors invent some new reason for what the Sussexes must come back. Am I getting this? Anyway, I have no tea leaves about this… I truly don’t know what will happen. I do love that the Sussexes still aren’t saying anything. It’s glorious.

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