Below Deck’s Daisy Kelliher on Hookup with Colin MacRae

Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae


Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae

The “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” season 4 premiere is on April 10 and one storyline highlighted in the trailer will be the apparent love triangle between returning stars and friends Daisy Kelliher, Colin MacRae and Gary King.

The trailer showed a steamy hookup between Kelliher and MacRae and the chief stew told E! News ahead of the premiere that she felt “there was kind of always something a bit there” between the two, “but he always had a girlfriend.”

She said she never planned to pursue him this season and it just happened naturally. “Obviously, Colin’s a good-looking guy,” she spilled, “but for me, it was always a friendship and when you’re friends with someone for that long and they have a partner, you kind of put them in the friend zone.”

The chief stew refused to reveal where the two stand today and said viewers have to tune in to see what happens between her and her co-stars.

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Daisy Kelliher Said She Was ‘Annoyed’ By Her Co-Star Gary King’s Reaction to the Kiss

Kelliher also shared that she wasn’t too pleased with King’s reaction to her hookup with MacRae. She told E! News she was “annoyed” that he was making it about him when it had nothing to do with him.

As viewers saw in the trailer, the first officer told Kelliher, “You know you like me deep down, and I feel you’re hooking up to get back at me — spitefully hooking up.”

Kelliher felt like King’s reaction stemmed from jealousy, she told Us Weekly, but said it felt a bit like she was a “trophy prize” for her co-stars. “I could be completely wrong but [the way they acted felt a] bit like an ego thing going on between the two of them,” she spilled. She said it became hard to tell if King was jealous because he actually had feelings for her or just because he lost some sort of contest.

Daisy Kelliher & Gary King Had Ups & Downs on ‘Below Deck’ & Made Out Once in Season 3

Kelliher, MacRae and King have been on the hit Bravo show since its second season and viewers have fallen in love with the trio. While Kelliher and King clashed in their first season together, they developed a strong friendship in season 3, their second together. In fact, there was even some tension between them that led to a steamy hot tub makeout between the chief stew and the first officer.

However, the two left it at that and continued their friendship, which was on full display at the season 3 reunion and at BravoCon. Meanwhile, MacRae and King have had a strong bromance since their first season.

All of that may be at risk this season as Kelliher and MacRae were seen hooking up in the trailer. The season 4 preview also showed King accusing Kelliher of doing it to spite him, despite him claiming in a conversation with MacRae that he didn’t have romantic feelings for Kelliher.

Kelliher said her friendship with King has been “complicated” over the past few seasons but said she believes the two are “just friends.” She acknowledged that they do have chemistry, which can make the lines a bit blurry, but told Us Weekly, “I think some time apart is always good… That time apart kind of clarifies things a bit more [for me].”

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