Animals on TV Share Synth Rock Single “MTV 2095”

Austin based rowdy and fun-loving rock band Animals on TV has just shared their latest EP Spring Break 2095. The highlight from the three track EP is the vivacious “MTV 2095” an upbeat indie rock Affair.

“MTV 2095” was written as a look into the future with people looking back on our current times with disbelief at the weirdness of our present day. As a reflection and commentary of the hypocrisy of obsessions with silly pop culture movements, social media influencers and reality TV stars, “MTV 2095” is a highly relatable single for those of us fed up with the all encompassing pop culture machine. The music video features the band as cavemen from 10,000 BC who are soon abducted by aliens and sent to the future. The highly comical and entertaining watch mirrors the band’s mission to bring back the fun to rock n’ roll music. “MTV 2095” features distorted vocals, reminiscent of the early Strokes, singing atop surf rock guitars, colorful synths and bubbly bass lines for an intoxicating listen.

Animals on TV are an Austin based band brought together by their love of live music and 2000’s rock and roll. With a knack for writing witty rock songs tinged with a pop sensibility, the band is a must watch.

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