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“Hey guys,” said  Hugh Jackman at the start of the video he posted to social media on Apr. 3. In the clip, Hugh, 54, sported a bandage on his nose, and before anyone could suggest he had some cosmetic surgery, the Deadpool III star said it was due to something serious. “I’ve just had two biopsies done. I just went to my doctor, Dr. Iron, who’s awesome. And she saw two things – could be or could not be [Basal Cell Carcinoma], in her opinion. She doesn’t know.”

Basal cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer, per the Mayo Clinic. It often appears as a slightly transparent bump on the skin, and most basal cell carcinomas result from long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Hugh assured his fans that he would find out the diagnosis in “two to three days” and that he would let everyone know as soon as he did.

“Just to remind you, Basal Cell in the world of skin cancers is the least dangerous of them all,” he said. “However, if I can just take this opportunity to remind you summer is coming for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Please wear sunscreen. It’s just not worth it. No matter how much you want to tan – trust me. Trust me. Trust me.”

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Basal cell carcinoma rarely spreads beyond its original site. The disease is easily treatable when caught early, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. It’s a very common form of skin cancer diagnosed about 3.6 million times per year in the United States. This form of cancer can appear like a slightly transparent bump or as a brown, black or blue lesion. It can also be a flat, scaly patch with a raised edge or a white, waxy, scar-like lesion.

This is not Hugh’s first basal cell rodeo. He’s undergone biopsies in February 2017May 2014, November 2013, and August 2021 (h/t NBC News), and in each instance, he’s posted about his experience as a way to raise awareness about skin cancer while also urging his followers to take care when out in the sun.

Hugh has wisely relied on medicine instead of Wolverine’s healing factor when it comes to these cancer scares. “You’ve heard me talk about my basal cell carcinomas before,” he captioned his Apr. 3 video. “And I’m going to keep talking about them, if need be. If just one person remembers to put on sunscreen with a high SPF, I’m happy.”

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