Pamela Anderson and Brittany Furlan’s beef explained

Tommy Lee’s current wife, Britanny Furlan, is under fire for mocking his ex Pamela Anderson

Brittany Furlan mocks Pamela Anderson

Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan has enraged Pamela Anderson’s fans after posting a video mocking Pamela on TikTok. In the video, Britanny seemed to be joking by saying that Pamela would not care if she died. The video was posted by Brittany following the release of Pamela’s memoir and Netflix documentary, “Love, Pamela.” Pamela allegedly called Tommy Lee her “one true love.”

In the Tiktok video that Britanny posted, she used a filter named “90s Pam Makeup” on herself and nonchalantly kept repeating, “She passed away oh, oh alright,” while her husband sat next to her not responding. She went ahead and captioned this video with, “ Pam if I died.” This video received a lot of backlash and Furlan had to quickly delete it. Pamela made sure to mention that this was a joke and that this is her way of coping.

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No bad blood between Britanny Furlan and Pamela Anderson

“We’re all good. We want happiness; we want everyone to be friends.” Brittany said regarding the feud with Pamela. Furlan mentioned that she hadn’t really heard from Pamela after the video. Brittany stated, “I am lucky to have a husband who laughs this stuff off.”

She thanked the people who have been standing up for her and defending her throughout the drama. She mentioned in a video that she does not sweat the haters’ comments . She also added that is sending love to the people who are nice and to the haters too. 

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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s split

Pamela decided to divorce Tommy after he was charged with spousal and child abuse. She also filed for full custody of both their sons. With the divorce being finalized, Tommy and Pamela’s marriage of three years came to an end. 

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