Kylie Jenner recalls teenage days drama amidst romance rumors with Timothee Chalamet

Kylie Jenner was open and reflective about her time growing up in Calabasas, California, when she enjoyed every bit of her teenage life and did every bit of drama, mistakes, and foolishness that every teenage kid ends up doing during their course of growing up.

 From sneaking out at night to getting back home before the morning light, the mother of two, who is of a very young age of 25 years, recalls her time.about growing up under mother Kris Jenner’s roof in her most recent HomeGirls magazine cover story.

 The cosmetics mogul revealed, “I took my mom’s vehicle a lot.” Because we grew up outside of the city in Calabasas, it was pretty insane if you went into L.A. for like 45 minutes. An entirely new universe opened up.

Kylie Jenner reveals her teenage sneak around time

“I used to take my mom’s car into the city, and I would make sure I was home before my parents woke up, which was around 5:30 in the morning,” the founder of Kylie Cosmetics recalled.

“I once got caught by my mother, and so we had this big meeting. I know you’ve been coming home every morning at four in the morning, and this can never happen again, she said. That was most likely the worst it got, she reflected.

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Then Kylie said that she knew her 67-year-old mother was already aware of her secret. “I’m sure they were aware that my friends and I were snooping out. To exit the house, we had to pass right by their bedroom.

The mother-of-two displayed her gorgeous curves on the magazine cover. She wore a black, long-sleeved latex bodysuit with a semi-transparent miniskirt.

Kylie posted the magazine cover on her Instagram as well. She is presently in the news for her ‘casual affair’ with actor Timothee Chalamet. 

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