NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 07: Keke Palmer attends the 2022 CFDA Awards at Casa Cipriani on November 07, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Baby, that’s Keke Palmer — this time, orchestrating a prison escape. The multi-hyphenate is the most stylish inmate on the block in her new “Waiting” music video, which debuted on April 21. The single is just the latest release from her visual album “Big Boss.”

In the clip, jailhouse dance sequences are intercut with footage of a Glam Palmer and her man orchestrating robberies. Palmer sings that she doesn’t want to be a girl “locked in her man’s world,” and won’t fall prey to unfulfilled promises. “Don’t just say what I wanna hear,” she croons, lamenting that she’s been patient and waiting “to show my love.”

Palmer and her partner’s stick-up goes awry quickly in the footage: as police drive up, Palmer’s beau abandons her. While imprisoned, her onscreen persona leads her fellow inmates in a series of choreographed dance routines in the jail yard, the cafeteria, and the hallways. In the end, Palmer manages to secure a prison guard’s uniform and escape. She breaks the third wall and tells viewers, “And that’s pretty much it. She breaks out and goes on with her life.”

“I am thrilled to share my new music video ‘Waiting’ and upcoming visual album ‘Big Boss’ with my fans,” new mom Palmer tells POPSUGAR in a quote of the visual, which she also directed. “‘Waiting’ is a story that most people can relate to, dealing with the highs and lows of being in an uneven relationship. I wanted to bring the lyrics to life through a suspenseful storyline and visually stunning moments that take the audience on a ride and inspire them to ‘boss up’ exactly where they are right now.”

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Keke Palmer’s “Waiting” Music Video

Image Source: Getty/Taylor Hill/FilmMagic


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