Doja Cat Confirms Major Musical Change, Responds to Complaints Her Old Releases are ‘Mid & Corny’ | Doja Cat, Music : Just Jared

Doja Cat is switching things up musically.

The 27-year-old “Say So” hitmaker is teasing plans to drop new music on social media. However, she also confirmed that the material would be dramatically different from some of her biggest hits.

In the process, she responded to critics who have referred to her music as “mid and corny,” sharing a surprising point of view.

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Taking to Twitter on Saturday (April 8), Doja tweeted that she was done with pop music.

“No more pop,” she wrote to fans. Then she turned her attention to her rap abilities, which have been questioned based on her discography.

“I also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny. I know they are. I wasnt trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I’m getting tired of hearing yall say that i can’t so I will,” she vowed.

Her newest update comes shortly after the star shared an image that strongly implies she has some new tracks ready to go.

Despite her many critics, Doja won a pretty big award recently.

She also responded to a different sort of naysayer – those who have criticized her plastic surgery procedures.

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