Celebrity Social Media, 1st April, 2023: Jennifer Aniston to Britney Sphere, here’s the daily celebrity Instagram roundup

The weekend is what we wait for, and it seems to be the only day where you have time and energy to do what entices you. And also, the day when you can’t stop scrolling and dashing your fingers through the screen. It goes without saying that celebrities of H-Town take Instagram as home, where they are always active, either promoting their movies or sharing personal life good news. Everything makes the rounds on Instagram and becomes a headline later.

As the lazy weekend hits the warm bed, the posts start making the rounds, and to their everyday lives, here is what today looked like for your favourite celebrities of all time.

Britney Spears dances her way through life with no Makeup on.

She twirls as she shimmers in a transparent, glittery outfit matched with a turquoise blue dress. As she dances her way through, giving us a weekend feel and a start to the new month of April. Britney spears gave insight into how she lost her suitcase, but she is not mad about it as she is flaunting herself without makeup or extra touchup, just being raw and herself as she posted a reel on Instagram.

PS. I look young without makeup, as she mentioned in her caption. which makes us say this aloud: Get a feeling like Britney this weekend.

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Hailey Bieber’s weekend summer vibe

Who is in the weekend mood already? Don’t know about others, but it seems like Hailey has already made her weekend worth the time as she poses, flaunting her glowing skin in a stunning beachwear bikini where she looks jaw-dropping and is dripping in hotness.

Well, if your weekend doesn’t sound as exciting as it should be, then definitely take inspiration from Hailey Bieber.

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Jennifer Aniston, the ray of sunshine who will enlighten you always

Shared a reel where Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are seen interviewing for their murder mystery series season 2, which will soon hit the screen. The duo shared the most hilarious yet worth-watching interview together. Seeing them off screen can be so much fun that you won’t be able to imagine the kind of performance they have given on screen.

Jennifer even said, Sorry for doing an interview with us’, as they couldn’t keep the jokes and laughter inside them, which makes it a treat for the audience to watch them.

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Emily Ratajkowski: Having the warmth of Japan

Walking on the lane of cherry blossom with the hint of Japanese cuisine to bring you comfort after a long day is what you need, and Emily seems to be beaming through her nostalgic posts as she wanders around the streets of Tokyo.

Emily Ratajkowski took to her Instagram as she shared a bulk of photos while she was on a vacation in Tokyo.

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