Blac Chyna celebrates getting her doctorate degree amid ‘life-changing journey’

That’s Doctor to you.

Blac Chyna — who now goes by Angela Renee White — received her doctorate degree earlier this year amid her “life-changing journey.”

“On January 17, 2023 I got my Doctorate of Liberal Arts from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College,” the 34-year-old revealed via Instagram on Monday.

“Doctor Angela Renee White.”

The stripper-turned-reality star displayed her degree next to a photo of her 10-year-old son King Cairo, whom she shares with ex Tyga, and 6-year-old daughter Dream, whom she shares with ex Rob Kardashian.

Angela 'Blac Chyna' White in pink.
The social media star has been undergoing a complete upheaval of her life.

The achievement comes nearly one year after Chyna experienced a spiritual awakening while getting baptized.

After getting more in tune with her faith, the social media star also Tattoo-removed-after-baptism/”>removed all her Tattoos with “demonic” symbolism.

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She also deleted her OnlyFans — which reportedly raked in millions of dollars — for the sake of her children.

Angela 'Blac Chyna' White in white.
The model recently removed her butt injections and reversed her breast augmentation.

“I’m just changing everything about me,” she shared on “The Jason Lee Show.” “It’s a dead end. All that stuff is a dead end, and I know that I’m worth way more than that.”

Aside from shifting her lifestyle, Chyna underwent a drastic physical transformation while reversing all of her cosmetic procedures — such as her breast augmentation, liposuction andfillers/”> facial fillers.

The mother of two recently revealed that she took out about “2-liters” of illegal silicone injections from her buttocks.

Blac Chyna gives another look at her face amid 'round 2' of dissolving fillers
Chyna has also been dissolving all of her facial fillers.
Blac Chyna/Instagram
Blac Chyna in a beanie.
She says plastic surgery was a “dead end.”
Blac Chyna/Instagram

Chyna said she dropped over 10 pounds after getting it all removed and no longer has to deal with the “very scary” side effects she endured as a result.

However, the influencer clarified that she’s not changing everything about her life while appearing on “Sway’s Universe” Friday.

When asked whether she plans to become celibate as part of her new journey, the “Rob & Chyna” star simply replied, “No,” before erupting into laughter.

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