Dirty Talk Advice ColumnTaboo and the lure of the forbidden has a powerful appeal. It is human nature to be intrigued by and sexualize that which is considered shameful. This is no more true than when it comes to the fetish of watersports. While an interest in bodily functions and fluids might seem like the exact opposite of a turn on to you, for others they are a truly titillating time.

Today’s column comes courtesy of a reader who is concerned about the possible safety factors in exploring watersports with a new partner. How does one navigate adding golden showers into their sex life and what are the risks? Wonder no more! Dirty Talk has the answers!

“I have recently entered a FWB situation (we are both vaccinated and believe in being safe) and are at the point where we are telling each the things we want to explore. Kind of out of left field, they told me that they have a big love of watersports. I`ve never done anything like that before and am worried about possible health issues. Should I be concerned? Are watersports safe? What is the appeal anyway? I don’t get it.”– What’s Amazing About Golden Showers?

Nervous About WatersportsThe reasons that people engage in water sports are as varied as people themselves. Some like the taboo aspect—when you “aren’t supposed to do” something, it becomes infinitely more appealing. For others it’s about breaking through the conditioning of childhood to engage in an activity that we have been trained to think shameful or embarrassing. Additionally, some find watersports humiliating, which is a kink in and of itself, while others find it deeply intimate, bringing a sense of closeness with their partners. People can also find it soothing, enjoying the visceral warmth, smell or taste of urine.

Watersports Is Fairly Low Risk

To set your mind at ease, watersports is actually a relatively low risk activity. Urine itself is fairly benign. People have used urine for a wide variety of things over the centuries, from a cleaning agent to a leather softener to a mouthwash. Yes, people were using urine as a form of dental hygiene back in the day because of its effectiveness in removing stains.

A common misconception that urine is sterile. It is not. It does contain trace amounts of bacteria–after all it IS a waste product. If you have a bladder infection, a yeast infection or a UTI, watersports should be avoided. But in terms of risky activity to do with someone else? It’s actually low on the risk ladder.

Pee Comes In Many Different Arrays

Variable PeeIf you don’t have any previous experience with water sports, be aware that pee can be pretty pungent stuff. There are a number of factors that can influence the gravity and aroma of urine. Things like how hydrated someone is, how many vitamins they have consumed, if they have eaten asparagus recently, and many other things impact the character of their pee.

Also time of day can have a profound affect on your urine. Morning pee tends to be stronger because you become less hydrated over the night while you are sleeping. My stepfather used to drink his urine as a cure for baldness (it didn’t work BTW) and I would see him in the bathroom trying to talk himself into it every morning. My advice, if you choose to explore watersports, is to make sure everybody is well hydrated prior to any activities.

With Watersports Location Matters

Golden ShowerWhile water sports can be done anywhere, I have always found the most effective way to do it is in a bathtub for ease of cleaning and containment. After any fun activity, there is always some form of cleaning that follows. From sex to making food to peeing on each other, the cleaning up is never as fun as the activity. By keeping it contained in the tub, your cleanup is a breeze.
I knew a bold couple that did it in bed and swore they never got any on the mattress, but that is too risky for my taste. My mattress is my pride and joy and I saved up for a long time to get it. No bed watersports for me!

In the end, it comes down to “Do YOU want to try something that your FWB is really into?” You should never feel pressure to engage in something that you don’t want to. If the idea is something that doesn’t work for you, tell your FWB! Be honest with them. A decent FWB worth keeping will respect that. However, if you find yourself more neutral then repulsed, grab a glass of water or three, get nicely hydrated and go do things in your bathtub. You might like it. You might not. But, you will never know until you try. By keeping an open mind (and occasionally an open bladder) there are all sorts of interesting things out there in this wide world for you to experience. Have fun and stay hydrated. Even if you decide to pass on the watersports.

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