What happens Friday March 31

Coronation Street spoilers tonight have revealed that there’s more heartache in store for Amy Barlow, as she gets devastating news from DS Swain and the police investigation into her rape. Will her allegation be taken seriously?

In other Coronation Street spoilers tonight, Michael confronts Stephen after uncovering his lies about the American deal. How will Stephen wriggle his way out of this one?

Elsewhere, Beth ignores Glenda’s advice to meet up with Marco. Will she cheat on Kirk?

Meanwhile, Brian shares a family update with Mary. But what has he learned?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers tonight in full below.

An angry-looking Summer storms after a sad Amy in the street on Corrie
Believing Aaron’s version of events, Summer confronts Amy (Credit: ITV)

Amy is devastated by news from the police investigation

When she sees Amy, Summer strides over and demands that she apologise for sleeping with Aaron. Amy retorts by telling Summer that Aaron raped her.

Shocked, Summer accuses Amy of lying. Amy tells her that she didn’t consent to Sex with Aaron – and reveals that the police are taking her allegation seriously.

Later, DS Swain asks Amy some awkward questions, having looked through her phone. Her questions leave Amy feeling like the guilty party.

Will the police go ahead with prosecuting Aaron?

Stephen confronts Stephen in the Underworld office on Corrie
Michael demands to know what Stephen is playing at (Credit: ITV)

Michael confronts shady Stephen

At Underworld, Michael shows Ronnie his new designs. He tells him that he hopes to persuade the American clients to get back on board.

Then, after speaking to Owen, Michael is left feeling suspicious of Stephen. He demands to know why Stephen cancelled the American deal and then lied about it. What will Stephen say?

Stephen and Michael talk over the desk in the office on Underworld in Corrie
How will Stephen wrangle his way out of this one? (Credit: ITV)

Beth ignores Glenda’s warning

Beth agrees to meet with Marco when he tells her that he’s planning on organising a school reunion. But Glenda warns her that it’s a bad idea, and tells her to stay away.

Later, Beth meets with Marco in a hotel bar. As she sits with Marco, she realises that she should have listened to Glenda. But will she cheat on Kirk?

Beth and Marco smile as they share an intimate table at a hotel on Corrie
Will Beth be tempted by Marco? (Credit: ITV)

Brian shares some family news with Mary

Elsewhere, Brian chats with Mary about his investigation into his family tree. He tells her that he’s joined a number of websites in the hope of tracing his Italian relatives. But what – or who – will he find?

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