How “Yellowjackets” Filmed That Shocking Season 2 Feast

As grotesque as it was to watch, the experience filming the deviantly memorable scene was even more repulsive. Turns out it’s not appetizing to eat fake human meat that’s actually composed of rice paper and jackfruit. Well, in this case, Jackiefruit.

“We were pulling out the rice paper, and it was all soggy,” Nélisse told BuzzFeed News. “We were like, ‘This is the grossest thing ever.’ It just tasted disgusting.” 

Nélisse, who is usually a fan of rice paper, said the food wasn’t bad when she and the cast tried it before filming. However, her appetite changed once they were all assigned a different part of Jackie’s fake body to pick at.

Courtney Eaton, who plays young Lottie, found the “rubbery” smell formed by a combination of the “slimy” jackfruit, rice paper, and the prosthetic body off-putting. 

“They should have sprayed some hamburger smell or something,” she said.

Though Eaton “gagged a Couple of times,” she said one cast member couldn’t keep the food down. “Samantha [Hanratty] threw up,” she said of her cast member, who plays young Misty Quigley.

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