Christine Brown Announces Fun Contest, Buries Talk of Feud with Janelle


Come on, critics.

What possible feud?!?

In the wake of speculation running rampant all over the Internet about Relationship/”>where things stand between Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, the former has come out and made it evident that everything is all hunky dory between the Sister Wives cast members.

We’re up close and rather personal with Christine Brown in this close up of the veteran Sister Wives star.

As fans of this TLC series likely know by now, Christine and Janelle both push products sold by Plexus Worldwide, a supplement company that many believe to be a pyramid scheme.

Both women have been excelling in this position, which may explain why Christine just recently offered a special opportunity to fans through the company.

“Did you hear? We are so excited to see you in Nashville in June!” reads a caption that accompanies a video shared this week by the mother of six.

“Order your products for 3 months and you can join the fun!! Feel your best, shed some pesky lbs, and hang out with us! This month combos come with a free full sized product!”

To clarify, Christine explains in the video that the winner of a contest sponsored by Plexus will have a chance this summer to hang out with her and Janelle in Tennessee.

“This has been so eye opening for us,” Brown added of the shady business with whom she’s partnered.

“I love how I feel. I feel better at 50 than I ever felt before in my whole entire life.”

The TLC personality also mentioned her “new relationship” in this footage, a reference to the very serious romance she’s been in with David Woolley since December.

Previously, a source alleged to The Sun that Janelle had some questions about Woolley.

“There’s some distance between Janelle and Christine at the moment,” this insider said, adding:

“Janelle doesn’t approve of her new relationship. She thinks it’s too much too soon.

“She’s more old-fashioned. She also doesn’t agree that it should’ve been so public so quickly. She’s not about it.”

Is this really accurate, however?

In response to this Sun allegation — which was eventually picked up by blog well-respected blog Without A Crystal Ball — a source told In Touch Weekly that Janelle “never said” she doesn’t approve of Woolley… and even believes Christine’s new romance is a positive force in her life.

“[Janelle] loves the way he treats Christine,” this source claimed to In Touch, adding of Christine and Janelle’s infamous ex:

“He’s a huge welcome change from Kody.”

That’s a low bar for any guy to clear, of course.

For her part, Christine walked away from Kody back in November 2021, with good friend Janelle doing the same just over a year later.

Both women seem VERY happy with their decisions.

And down the line at some point? Maybe? Possibly? According to a recent report?

We may even be treated to a Sister Wives spinoff starring these close pals. We’d totally tune in for it!

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